Geoff Carr Fellowship

Lupus is a life changing and sometimes fatal disease which often strikes young adults in the prime of their lives. Lupus Ontario is committed to funding research by providing funds for a rheumatologist in training to work at one of five lupus clinics in Ontario for one year. During this time, the Fellow will perform research as well as treating patients

Why is the fellowship so important?

  • There is currently very little funding available for lupus research in Canada. Without research advancement in treatments for adult or pediatric lupus and there will be no cure.
  • The Fellow receives training on the latest methods for treating lupus. Lupus is a very complex disease that requires specialist knowledge to manage effectively.
  • The results of the research performed during the fellowship year add to the global body of lupus research

The Geoff Carr Fellowship was started in 1990 and was named in honor of the President of the Association of Commercial Travellers and a key supporter of the Fellowship. Since inception Lupus Ontario has trained 27 rheumatologists at one of the Ontario Lupus Clinics to be experts in the treatment of lupus through clinical experience; each one has produced valuable research into the management of lupus.

All funds donated to the Geoff Carr Fellowship go directly to funding this position.  Please donate generously to allow Lupus Ontario to continue to fund the Geoff Carr Fellowship. Please select Research Fund.