Getting Involved

Lupus Ontario strives to educate the general public on the fight against lupus however, we need you! We work to create a community which supports the lupus fighters and their families. There are numerous ways that you can extend a helping hand. For example, get involved with Lupus Ontario and become an ally to those who live with this condition everyday. Degrees of involvement vary to fit diverse personalities and schedules. Examples include, volunteering, hosting a fundraiser, attending a health symposium or support group. Start today by registering to become a support member. These are only a few of the many ways you can be part of the Lupus community. To conclude, Lupus Ontario needs you on our team in order to make a positive difference in our community and world. Call Us Today at 1-877-240-1099.

Sign the petition and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This Lupus Ontario petition is advocating to have the Ontario government approve all biologics approved by the Federal Health Agency (CADTH) added to the Ontario Drug Formulary under the Limited Use code rather that the Exceptional Access Program. The Limited Use code eliminates the administrative burden for rheumatologists and provides faster access for lupus patients. Please print and gather signatures and send it to our address: 285 Taunton Road East, Suite 4438, Oshawa, ON  L1G 3V2 Canada