Lupus Ontario Annual Research Campaign 2021/2022

October marks the beginning of the annual Lupus Ontario Research Campaign. This year we have set a campaign goal of raising $75,000.
Lupus Ontario is proud of our accomplishments in supporting lupus research over the past 43 years. Some of our major contributions include:

  • Led by our founder Honey Agar, we raised over a million dollars for the start-up of the Lupus Databank at Toronto Western Hospital. This databank has been the source of valuable patient information for countless lupus research projects.  
  • Funding the annual Geoff Carr Lupus Research Fellowship since 1990. This Fellowship has trained over 30 rheumatologists at an Ontario Lupus Clinic to become experts in diagnosing and treating lupus. Each Fellow is also required to complete a research project during their Fellowship year.
  • Supporting accredited Lupus Clinics across the province by providing funding for research and patient education activities.

In addition to the Geoff Carr Fellowship and Lupus Clinic funding, this year Lupus Ontario will be providing funding to support a new research initiative at the Hamilton/McMaster Lupus Clinic.  Dr. Konstantinos Tselios, a former Geoff Carr Fellow, is establishing the Lupus Ontario Anne Matheson Biobank. The samples collected in the Biobank, will support lupus research projects in the years to come.
With your support, we have accomplished a great deal and have helped to improve the lives of lupus patients in Ontario and around the world. We hope that you will support us in continuing this critical work. 
Sponsorship opportunities are also available, please email for more details.
With your help, Lupus Ontario hopes to someday find a way to live Life Without Lupus.

COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendations for Special Populations – Ministry of Health

Please take a look at the third section that focuses on autoimmune conditions & immunocompromised persons (due to disease or treatment).

Ontario Rheumatologists Warn: Immunocompromised Patients are Being Put at Risk for COVID-19

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Lupus Ontario Membership is Now Free

At a recent Special General Meeting of the members of Lupus Ontario, Bylaw 2, Article 1 and Bylaw 3 -1 were approved to allow free membership.  Your current Lupus Ontario membership will automatically roll over on December 31st 2020. If you are not currently a member and would like to become a member, you can join online.

Lupus and APS Center of Excellence presents a free live-stream webinar:

Patient Participation in Medical Research for Lupus: What’s New in Lupus Research and How to Get Involved. (December 8, 2021 5;00pm). Click here for more information and to register (PDF).

If you want to be removed from our membership list, please call the office at 1-877-240-1099.