Our Achievements

Our Accomplishments

 Led by our founder Honey Agar, we raised over a million dollars for the start-up of the Lupus Databank at Toronto Western Hospital. This databank has been the source of valuable patient information for countless lupus research projects.

· Funding the annual Geoff Carr Lupus Research Fellowship since 1990. This fellowship has trained over 31 rheumatologists at an Ontario Lupus Clinic to become experts in diagnosing and treating lupus. Each Fellow is also required to complete a research project during their fellowship year.

· Supporting accredited Lupus Clinics across the province by providing funding for research and patient education activities.

· Funding the Lupus Ontario Anne Matheson Biobank, a new research initiative at the Hamilton/McMaster Lupus Clinic led by Dr. Konstantinos Tselios, a former Geoff Carr Fellow. The samples collected in the Biobank will support lupus research projects in the years to come.

· Lupus Ontario’s recent advocacy efforts have resulted in the passing of Bill 112. The Bill declares May 10th to be Lupus Awareness Day in the Province of Ontario and states that everyone should wear purple on this day to create awareness of the disease.

· Lupus Ontario continues to support the lupus community by providing support and education to lupus patients and their families. This includes telephone advice to newly diagnosed patients, online/in person support group meetings, webinars, digital information and resources through our newsletter and web site