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This year we have set a campaign goal of raising $50, 000. The funds raised will support the annual Geoff Carr Lupus Research Fellowship, the Lupus Ontario Anne Matheson BioBank and the six accredited Lupus Clinics across the province, which provide research and patient education to those living with lupus.

With your support, we hope to one day Live a Life Without Lupus.

Your Donation to Research Supports the Following:

*NEW* Lupus Ontario Anne Matheson Biobank

Lupus Ontario has made an annual commitment of $50,000/year for three years to fund the start up and first two years of operation of a lupus biobank at the McMaster Lupus Clinic in Hamilton.

Lupus Samples biobank
Geoff Carr

Lupus Ontario Geoff Carr Research Fellowship

One of our most important initiatives is the annual Lupus Ontario Geoff Carr Lupus Research Fellowship. This Fellowship has trained 30 Fellows in best practices in diagnosing and treating lupus. The education received by these Fellows is changing the quality of life and outcomes for lupus patients.

Meet our Fellows!

Lupus Ontario has been funding the annual Geoff Carr Lupus Research Fellowship since 1990, training over 30 rheumatologists to become experts in diagnosing and treating lupus. Get to know the fellows and learn how the Fellowship has made an impact! 

Our Accomplishments

Lupus Ontario is proud of our accomplishments in supporting lupus research over the past 43 years.  Some of our major contributions include: 

  • Led by our founder Honey Agar, we raised over a million dollars for the start-up of the Lupus Databank at Toronto Western Hospital.  
  • Funding the annual Geoff Carr Lupus Reasearch Fellowship since 1990.  This fellowship has trained over 30 rheumatologist at an Ontario Lupus Clinic to become experts in diagnosing and treating lupus.  
  • Supporting accredited Lupus Clinics across the province by providing funding for research