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Lupus Ontario Membership is Now Free

At a recent Special General Meeting of the members of Lupus Ontario, Bylaw 2, Article 1 and Bylaw 3 -1 were approved to allow free membership.  Your current Lupus Ontario membership will automatically roll over on December 31st 2020. If you are not currently a member and would like to become a member, you can join online.

If you want to be removed from our membership list, please call the office at 1-877-240-1099.

Annual Research Campaign

Please consider donating to our Annual Research Campaign. Your research donation is critical to us funding the Annual Lupus Ontario Geoff Carr Research Fellowship and other research projects. 

You can make your research donation or make your research donation and become a member by clicking here.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member and for your support.

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Being a part of Lupus Ontario is life-changing, for the mind, body, and soul. Therefore making a small footprint in a vibrant growing organization can impact the lives of many. Take a big step in changing the lives of individuals, in addition to building a better character within yourself. Above all make a call to be the change you want to see in this world. In conclusion, changing lives and being a key component in combating this disease. In other words, don’t hesitate to join our organization today! Call 1-877-240-1099.

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Are you a newly diagnosed patient? Download our Living Well with Lupus Facts Booklet.

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Sign the petition and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This Lupus Ontario petition is advocating to have the Ontario government approve all biologics approved by the Federal Health Agency (CADTH) added to the Ontario Drug Formulary under the Limited Use code rather that the Exceptional Access Program. The Limited Use code eliminates the administrative burden for rheumatologists and provides faster access for lupus patients. Please print and gather signatures and send it to our address: 285 Taunton Road East, Suite 4438, Oshawa, ON  L1G 3V2 Canada