Lupus Research

Lupus Research has progressed substantially over the last 20 years improving the lives of Lupus patients. However, a cure has yet to be found. Many doctors and scientists are investigating the cause of and a cure for lupus. At medical centres worldwide (including Canada), research has led to improved tests and techniques for diagnosis and better methods for predicting flares. These studies allow doctors to start treatment sooner, which improves chances for success.

As part of the research, many centres collect and store patient information and statistics. The results of this data can help doctors and patients make better decisions about the treatment of an increasingly wide range of symptoms. This, along with today’s advances in technology, greater awareness about lupus, and the continued progress towards a cure, gives hope to all whose lives are touched by lupus.

Lupus Ontario is committed to funding research with The Geoff Carr Fellowship by providing funds for a rheumatologist in training to work at one of five lupus clinics in Ontario for one year to treat patients and participate in research projects. All funds donated to the Geoff Carr Fellowship go directly to funding this position. Find out more.

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Sign the petition and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This Lupus Ontario petition is advocating to have the Ontario government approve all biologics approved by the Federal Health Agency (CADTH) added to the Ontario Drug Formulary under the Limited Use code rather that the Exceptional Access Program. The Limited Use code eliminates the administrative burden for rheumatologists and provides faster access for lupus patients. Please print and gather signatures and send it to our address: 285 Taunton Road East, Suite 4438, Oshawa, ON  L1G 3V2 Canada