HOPE Volleyball

2023 HOPE Volleyball

Mark your calendars! HOPE Toronto is officially back in action! We can’t wait to see everyone at HOPE Volleyball's 33nd Annual Event. HOPE has carefully selected to partner with Lupus Ontario and Wellsprings Cancer Support to receive the HOPE CHARITY FUND for 2023.

Saturday, June 24th, 2023

Please note the location has been changed to the Ballsports Polson Pier at 176 Cherry Street, Toronto.

About Hope Volleyball

H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) Toronto Inc. is a registered charity committed to raising awareness and funds for local charities. They are a volunteer driven organization (only 1 staff) and are continuously seeking opportunities to increase the proceeds directed to the selected charity partners. Their strategy is to create a community atmosphere at fundraiser events, encouraging attendees to have fun while raising funds.


HOPE Toronto Inc. was created in 1984, following a similar format as our sister charity in Ottawa founded in 1980. HOPE has run various fundraising events, from dance parties to boat cruises. In 1988, HOPE organized a summer volleyball tournament on Toronto Island, which has since grown to be HOPE Toronto’s flagship event. The HOPE Volleyball Tournament is the region’s largest single day volleyball tournament fundraiser. To date, HOPE Toronto Inc. has raised $1 million, benefiting over 50 local charities. ​