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Lupus Ontario is a team of caring and enthusiastic volunteers and staff who are passionately committed to helping those with lupus live longer and better by raising funds that deliver vital support, education, awareness and research.

Medical Advisory Board

  • Dr. Murray Urowitz, Toronto Western Hospital Lupus Clinic
  • Dr. Dafna Gladman, Toronto Western Hospital Lupus Clinic
  • Dr. Janet Pope, St. Joseph's Health Care Centre, Arithritis Institute
  • Dr. Judah Deburg, Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster Division
  • Dr. C. Douglas Smith, The Ottawa Hospital
  • Dr. Earl Silverman, Hosptial for Sick Children
  • Dr. Derek Haaland, Barrie and the North
  • Dr. Mark Matsos, Hamilton Health Sciences McMaster Div and St. Joseph's Hamilton Healthcare
  • Dr. Amanda Steiman, Rheumatologist in Training, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Dr. Zahi Touma, Rheumatologist in Training, Toronto Western Hospital

2011 Annual Report

Lupus Ontario's Annual Report.pdf

Give the Gift of Support


There is no greater gift you can give to someone living with lupus, a life altering disease, than the gift of support. When you make a donation to Lupus Ontario, we can deliver programs and services that help people with lupus live longer and better lives. In addition, your donation helps us increase public awareness , education and research.

Lupus Ontario faces major challenges in 2014. Please consider making a donation to Lupus Ontario. We are a small charity with a big heart that is making a difference.  The person or people you choose to honour with your gift will receive a card and a notification that you have celebrated them with a donation to Lupus Ontario. Each charitable gift over $20 is tax receiptable.

If you would like to make a donation please click the link below:


Events with Lupus Ontario

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Lupus Crossword Puzzle and Answers

Brain Game (Page 10) of the Lupus Link Fall/Winter newsletter.  To find the answers to the Lupus Crossword Puzzle please click the link below.  It also has a copy of the crossword puzzle for those of you who are not yet a member of Lupus Ontario.  

Lupus Crossword Puzzle.pdf 

If you wish to become a member please contact Karen Furlotte at 905-415-1099 or toll free 1-877-240-1099 or email her at kfurlotte@lupusontario.org


Expert Q & A's

Ask the Expert
By Dr. Janet Pope

Question: "I have had blood work for possible Lupus or mixed connective tissue disease. My ANA has been increasingly elevated over the past 18 months. I have a very high anti-DNA (SS) but my anti-DNA (DS) is within normal range. What is the difference in these titers? What are they specific for? "

Answer: A single stranded antiDNA is more common than a double stranded and not specific for Lupus. However, you don't need to have either antiDNA antibodies positive ... Read More

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Donate Today

Shoppers Drug Mart offers a charity initiative that can greatly benefit Lupus Ontario.
You can donate some or all of your Shoppers Optimum Points to Lupus Ontario. This will help us purchase merchandise at Shoppers Drug Mart such as office supplies and fundraising items. Please click here to find out how you can help.
Donate Your Shoppers Optimum Points to Lupus Ontario!
Lupus Ontario thanks the many members who have donated their Optimum Points.
membership brochure and mail to Lupus Ontario or call 1-877-240-1099 (Ontario only) and speak with Karen.

Let's Conquer Lupus…

Lupus Ontario will provide support in all of your fundraising endeavours. Please contact the Lupus Ontario office at 1-877-240-1099 or email Nicole Kraftscik at nwright@lupusontario.org to notify us of your event in support of a great cause.

Become a Lupus Ontario Member

Lupus Ontario's membership fee is only $25.00 per calendar year.

There are many benefits to membership with Lupus Ontario:

  • You will receive a complimentary copy of the booklet "Living Well With Lupus; Facts"
  • You will receive three newsletters a year that will bring you infomration from current research to upcoming activities
  • You will be part of a vibrant organization that is making a difference in the lives of people living with lupus.

Click here to print a copy of the Lupus Ontario membership form

 Lupus Ontario's Donna Chu Award goes to... 

  Paula Coutney, Lori Shedlosky and Michael Stewart pose for a photo shoot honouring Paula Courtney with this year's Donna Chu Award.

Paula Courtney was  given 10 years to live in 1993. Her first reaction was, "Not going to happen." She was only 28 and she was not going to let this disease slow her down.

Since then, she has taken that fierce energy and determination and used it to successfully raise lupus awareness and funds for research into this debilitating disease.

Lupus Ontario recognized Paula on November 2, 2013 at the Italian Dinner honouring her with the President's Choice Donna Chu Memorial Award for the most outstanding lupus fundraising volunteer.

To date Paula has raised just shy of $33,000 through the Baby Steps, Step by Step campaign.

Thank you for all that you do. Way To Go Paula!




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Annual General Meeting 

Lupus Ontario's Annual General Meeting April 12, 2014

Location:  Holiday Inn (Yorkdale)

3450 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ont

9:00 to 4:00

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Murray Urowitz

Guest Speakers:  Dr. Haaland, Dr. Legault and Dr. Sheane

Get your neurons moving with Yoga Laughter

Jean Leggett will be honouring us with Laughter Therapy


For more information or to register please click here

Cost: $35.00 (Includes Lunch)

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"Helping you obtain life insurance no matter how difficult your medical circumstances"

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